8 MEH.2.2
The Decision - Making Model

Candace Shaw

STEP 1 : A student from school that is not popular has invited Marie to a sleepover at a birthday party on Friday night. On Wednesday someone else invited her to a boy-girl party on Friday with the most popular people in school. You really want to become popular. What do you do?

STEP 2 : Marie could go to the sleepover or the boy-girl party.

STEP 3 : Marie could end up hanging around the wrong crowd and get drunk at the boy-girl party or she could  end up making a bad decision and have consequences.

STEP 4 : Her values are her dignity by not going.

STEP 5 : Marie could just stay home or go out with a few friends and go to the mall or to the movies.

STEP 6 : Marie is going to go with a few friends to the movies and there will be a chaperone.

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