Energy Web quest questions

by: Joshua Anderson

1. Interesting things that are made with petroleum are sweaters, plastic wood, and nail polish. Uses that are important to us are diesel food, motor oil, and rubbing alcohol.

2. There are 247,264,605 on US roads according to the Department of Transportation.

3. The approximate current population in the US is 318,028,050. The approximate global population is 7,165,515,400 which rounds to 7,165,000,000. The approximate percentage of people living in the US is 4.4%.

4. Seven million barrels of crude oil was produced daily in 2007.

5.The US consumed 9,286,000 barrels of crude oil daily in 2007

6. 21% of global crude oil was consumed by the US.

7.  The US is home to 4.4% of the worlds population, yet consumes 21% of the world's oil.

8. Globally 85.6 million barrels of crude oil was consumed every day in 2007.

9.31,244,000,000 barrels of crude oil were consumed all through 2007 globally.

10.The size of the world's oil reserve is 1668.9 billion barrels.

11. According to 9 and 10 which is most likely wrong 53 years.

12. Global oil discovery peaked in the 1960s.

13. The US oil production peaked in the  1970s.

14. In 2012 40% of petroleum was foreign.

15. It cost money to get imports and more expensive.

16. It isn't a chart on this link

17. This will cause the oil to be consumed quicker and it will increase the chance of how long oil will be available to us.

18. Yes but I think US will soon start turning to a different type of energy when oil gets more scarce.

19. Video wouldn't show.

20. If I could talk to Obama I would tell him to try start using US oil when oil is very scarce. I would tell him to push for a way to fund a project that will make other energy sources more useable and to push scientist to find a better source of energy. I would tell him to start speaking more on energy and efficiency. I think that scientist will find a much better energy source if they were funded by the government to perform task so they can make an energy source better or come up with a new one. This would be a great idea!

I would encourage him to go around the world to talk about energy. He could get US scientist to team up with foreign scientist or they can make it a competition. I would tell him to consider the future and get companies to open more jobs for this cause. It should be a scientist who specializes in energy and I would call them energyologist. I would tell him that this would be a great job for discovering something new that will keep the world from a crisis. To persuade him more I would say it will help the economy.

If the US were to do this secretly they would make a huge discovery that competing countries haven't found out. Then years after, the world will be looking to us for an energy source and for us to import to them. This will make the US money problems be solved( if it is any to be solved). The economy would be better than it is now. I think this would be a great idea. I wonder if someone did this before me ever thinking of this.