This summer my family came up from out of state we went to the beach swimming and to the mall. They were here for mine and kenzie's 15th birthday . I'm in the high school marching band (color guard).Iv been on the summer swim team for the last 6 years.

color guard

this year i joined the high school marching band in color guard and loved it we had a great season this year and ranked 19th over all for the guard.

track runner

i have ran for the last year and a half but this year i signed up for track and field my goal is to ether run the 4 by 4 or jumping  im not to sure on what im doing yet


From the time i was in 3rd grade i have done competitive swimming and loved it i only swim in the summer because the fall sport interferes with marching band

cosmetology and fashion  

A goal of mine is to become a cosmetologist when i am older.I applied to tech this year for cosmetology and i enjoin being in stylish clothing over sweat pant and a t shirt i enjoy doing different hair,makeup,and nail art.I feel my best with my makeup and hair done with a cute outfit on.

Another goal of mine is to do another color run and get a less time than the last one i did. i ran cross country for a year but got a twisted knee and a chipped ankle and was out half a season and never got back into it but i plan on running tract this year.

working out

The last goal of mine is to get in shape. This year i started working out daily and eating better than normal. I began working out to get in shape for summer and vacations.Being in shape is very important to me because i am always involved in some kind of activity and cant be out of shape for it.

i have always wanted to go to pairs. I love their fashion and way of life its very glamorous.The food and culture there is so different of our culture here.

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