Looking Back, Moving Foward

The years that have passed seemed like days and the events like Confirmation, Communion, and the various plays and pageants we did seem like yesterday.  Reflecting on those years makes me realize how much time has passed since I stepped through the front doors as a kindergartner, and up until now, with graduation nearing soon, I want to remember all the good times I've had here, all the memories that I want to keep, and all the people who I want to stay with. I want to remember the nap times we had in Kindergarten, remember the ways of times tables in second and third grade, remember the stories we read in fourth grade, remember Free to Be You and Me in fifth grade, remember Godspell in sixth grade, and remember all the fun activities in seventh grade, as well as Confirmation. But now, I will be moving on to high school, and will be leaving all the people I've met, the teachers who taught me, and the school that raised me to be a polite young adult behind. So thank you. For all the experiences, for all the dreams I've had, and for giving me a wonderful experience and wonderful friends. So now, I will say my goodbyes to you...

...but it doesn't mean that I am leaving forever.

For next year, when I go to Farrell, I hope to make new friends and increase my knowledge in everything I know

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