Brantley Gilbert. BG NATION!

I like Brantley Gilbert beacuse he is the outlaw of country music. He writes songs that I enjoy listening to. Off of his first album "Modern Day Prodigal Son" my favorite song is Play me that song, it is about a song he wrote for his bestfriend, a girl he loves but she doesnt know it is about her. His second album, "Halfway to Heaven" my favorite song is Saving Amy, its a song about one of his friends that proposed to a girl and he died on his way home that night but he tries everything in his power to let her know he is still there. His third album, "Just as I am" my favorite song would most likely be, My Babys Guns N' Roses. That song just hits home with me cause I like the band Guns N' Roses. In the song he says, She aint into wining and dining she shooting whiskey singing Sweet Child O' Mine. Pretty much hes saying shes not what everyone wants her to be when she is around him she is just her. Brantley Gilbert is a country rocker. He is just great at what he does.  

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