Georgia Entreprenuers Project:Zaxby's by Joshua Gober 1st


Zaxby's was founded by Zach Mcleroy and Tony Townley. The first Zaxby's was in Statesboro Georgia and is an important part in Zaxby's history. Now Zaxby's has over 600 locations mostly stretching through the south.Zaxby's has a main headquarters which is in Athens Georgia.


There were other popular companies that had chicken as their specialty at the time Zaxby's was starting such as Chick-fil-a. If Zaxby's did not get as popular as it did so quickly the business could have gone bankrupt.


Zaxby's impact on Georgia is very good economically. People may come to get Zaxby's while traveling or may spend money going for a night out.Also Georgia can make money from importing goods.


Since Georgia has many ways of getting supplies in and out they can use Georgia's ports like in Savannah, Airlines,and interstates for getting chicken to the restaurants.