What is it?

Instagram is a social network to share pictures, chat with your friends or people you don’t know. it eanbles you to post comments and short videos too. You can add captions and edit comments. It makes it possible for you to add filters to make your photo more beautiful. With instagram you can become an artist, it’s so easy.

Thanks to instagram you can send funny pictures to .

It’s open to everybody but you must be over 13.

The main differences between instagram and snapchat

Thanks to instagram you can keep the pictures and watch them whenever you want. You can’t do that with snapchat because with snapchat the photos disappear automatically after a few seconds. You can’t share them

Both instagram and snapchat enable you to chat

With instagram you can send only 15 s videos but on snapchat there’s not limit. It’s another difference

What is it?

Vine is a video sharing service.Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012 It lets users create 6 seconds video clips in loops. It’s a sort of mini youtube. You can receive comments, have followers who like you. It’s a fun and easy way to create videos in seconds. There are channels, playlists… it belongs to Twitter. The number of viewers is called “loops”. If the viewers like your vine they can revine it ( like re tweet)

The difference with you tube is that there are no averts.

It’s used for comedy, performance, to create stopmotion effetcs and just to have fun.

What can you do to avoid haters and protect your data?

Obviously never give your password or your personal data and choose your passwords carefully. They must be difficult and contain capital letters and numbers.

You shouldn’t send personal photos on your public wall or to everybody. Make sure they are private.

Always keep in mind that your friends can share YOUR photos online… all your friends are not safe.

Don’t pay attention to bad messages, spams, trolls… never react or answer. It’s the best thing to do!

You should always block contacts you don’t trust.

Tell your parents if you have a problem…. don’t wait.

Always respect the other users.

Always remember: what you post will be online and available forever.

Be careful online

Don’t trust people

What is is?


people think snapchat is secure and that they can share what they want because the snap disapears after 1 or 10 seconds but don’t forget that people can take a screenshot of your picture

It’s different on instagram because people knw that pictures will stay and can be seen by everybody so they are careful

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