Got Carbon? I do !
                                                                                                                Gannon Bostian

How would you like to join my crew and come with me on a journey to the unknown? We can dodge space junk, soar through the Milky Way, and get a quick  tan as we shoot past the sun.

                      WHATS CARBON?

    Carbon is an element located in group 2, period 14 of the periodic table. It is represented by the letter C. Its atomic number is 6 and its atomic mass is 12.011. Carbon's melting point is 6422°F 3550°C, and its boiling point is 3825°C or 6917°F. Carbon has a density of 2.2670 grams per cubic centimeter. It has 6 electrons,protons, and neutrons.

Common Uses for Carbon

Carbon is used during the making of several substances. Its one of the key ingredients in diamonds and coal. Its also used in Smoke detectors, gasoline, Kerosene, and Carbon monoxide.   

    -I chose to put one star for biological because its necessary for your body in order to survive, but is not really need for physical survival.

    -I selected four stars for social need because Carbon is a key ingredient in both diamonds and coal, both very good items for trading and bartering.

    -I filled in 3 stars for functional needs because diamond is a good material for building because of its strength. Coal is needed every day to heat up stoves, fires, and can be used to produce electricity.

Meet the crew that will be holding your lives in their hands !

Sales Pitch

  You should take carbon on your trip to space because it can produce diamonds, which you can use to trade with other human s or aliens. It also produces kerosene and coal, which is a key element for every day needs, such as to light candles, or keep a  furnace burning for heat or for cooking. If you weren't convinced by those examples that I listed above, you have to have carbon to survive.

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