Agents of Socialization
Ellen S.


My family has provided me with many opportunities to socialize. Something unique in my extended family is that we go to Hilton Head most summers. This helped me socialize as a child because I spent time playing with my cousins. I also learned about the social norms and etiquette of weddings when I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Aside from weddings, my family has also thrown parties that have caused me to socialize, and learn the behavior of family members in a group setting. Growing up, my family played games like baseball outside in the backyard. This taught me to learn to wait my turn, play fair, and get along well with others.


School has taught me to organize and manage my time. This is because I've had to balance school sports, clubs, and homework.  As early as elementary school, I learned in school through the DARE program to resist drugs and violence. This opened my eyes to the world and encouraged me to make mature decisions. On a school orchestra trip to Chicago, I learned how to take responsibility for myself as an individual, because it was my first time going anywhere without my parents. I also learned how to conduct myself as a representative of my school, and the orchestra program. Finally, school sports such as track in middle school, and lacrosse in high school, taught me how to manage time. I learned how to participate as a member of a team, and balance my time between sports and school.


I have learned to socialize by my peers. Being with friends has taught me how to compromise, and listen. I have gone to concerts with friends, which has taught me how to socialize in new situations. I also have gone, or participated, in sporting events with friends. Even though I was with friends, I still had to follow social norms such as being respectful and behaving properly in public. I have also gone places with friends such as Cedar Point. This taught me to conform to the best interest of the group when choosing rides or what to do next. It also helped me become a better communicator by making sure not to get separated or lost from my friends.

Mass Media

The way I have socialized has been greatly influenced by mass media. For example, the movies and music I watch and listen to affects the way I view things. As a child, my favorite TV show was Lizzy McGuire. Watching the show made me anticipate what life in high school would be like. Since I watched it so often, Hilary Duff became one of my biggest role models. The music I listen to has also affected me. One of my favorite bands, Arcade Fire, has influenced the way I think. The band's strongest message is their support of Haiti, and preserving the culture after the devastating natural disaster. This caused me to want to help, and I even bought a T-shirt in which the proceeds go to Haiti. Finally, social media has changed the way I interact with others. It has made me mindful of what I post, and opened me to new ideas and beliefs because of how instant information is spread.

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