Come visit us at the Jurassic Period!

By Laura Weis

Want a drastic adventure? If so come over to the Jurassic period!

What is Earth like?

During the Jurassic period, the Earth's land was all connected. This is called the Pangaea.

Weather Conditions

During the Jurassic period, the weather conditions were much warmer than today. The climate was also much wetter, because during the Jurassic period, the water levels rose.

What plants and animals exist?

There are many plants and animals that exist during this time era. A few examples of animals are, dinosaurs,

Atmospheric Conditions

During the Jurassic period, the oxygen level dropped. It started out at about 30% and dropped to about 10%. The oxygen levels today are about 21%.


There are a few dangers in the Jurassic period, like the carnivore animals, they may eat you. Also, only swim in the marked areas! We have made sure there are no dangerous animals there, and if you go outside there, you may get hurt or eaten.

Hotel reservations, packing list, etc.

Your hotel that you will be sleeping in will be under water. although if you are deathly afraid of the water, there is a hotel above water too. You will need to preorder a oxygen tank, and a breathing mask. There will be free refills for oxygen when you get there. Depending on the time you get there, you need to wear the mask everywhere but the hotel. Close to the middle and end of the period, the oxygen levels dropped to about 10%. In order to get to the hotel, there will be a submarine, the submarine doesn't go all the way though. It doesn't go all the way so that the noise doesn't disturb all the other residents. Inside the hotel, you will not need your mask. As you want in there is a little room that you have to stand in for a minute, and it will drain all of the water, and you then can take off the mask and turn off the tank. If you are afraid of water, then you will not need this oxygen tank or the mask. The hotel above water and below will have a free breakfast. There will also be free WiFi at both hotels. There are many places to go visit! For example, you can go to the petting zoo where you can pet all of the herbivore animals! You can also go to the dinosaur rides! You need to pack lots of shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and a swim suit.

Interesting Facts

1.  There are three periods to the Mesozoic era, the Jurassic period is the second one of the three.

2.  It was during the Jurassic period that the Pangaea split apart, that is why it was always rainy and humid.

3.  In the end of the Triassic period, the dinosaurs were just starting to appear. Then once the Jurassic period started, the dinosaurs flourished.

4.  There were many different types of dinosaurs during the Jurassic period. Some examples are archeopteryx, the stenopteryguis, and the plesiosaurus.

5.  The Jurassic period was divided into three different sections, the early middle and late. The early Jurassic period was during the Liassic epoch. The middle Jurassic period was during the Dogger epoch, and the late Jurassic period was during the Malm epoch.


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