Crafts for Santa is Upon Us...

A Girl Scout Troop #2835 Event

Click on the picture to take you to how to make this adorable ornament.

What: Crafts for Santa
When: Dec. 6th 9am-11am
Where: Rockvale Middle School Cafe.
Who: All girl scouts and friends (Tagalongs welcome)

Our troop will be participating in Crafts for Santa this year. YAY!!!

Please read the following information about this event:

  • Set up starts at 8:30am-We will need help with set up.
  • Clean up starts at 11:00am-We will need help with set up.
  • We will be making the ornaments in the picture above and we will need to collect materials for this craft up until the time of the event.
  • Items needed include: various types of ribbon (green, red, x-mas colors), sticks (various sizes but not too large), yellow foam, glue dots, and twine to make the loop to hang the ornament.  Please be on the look out for sales or try to get donations because we will need lots and lots of ribbon.
  • Optional-There is a baking competition that the adults or girls can enter if you choose to and those uncut desserts would need to be there by 10am.
  • I will be making our table poster and Roshelle is picking up the cupcakes that we are required to bring.
  • We are going to need help working the event.  We would like at least two girls and parents there to help with the craft table at all times.  Please click on the button below to sign up for a time to work our table.  Thank you for your participation
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Don't Forget to Get Supplies

Thank you for your Support!!!!