Creating a Caring Classroom

By; Patricia Alvarado

Positive Relationships

  • teachers set the tone by modeling acceptance and interest in their students
  • teacher learns the students names as quickly as possible
  • In the elementary they teach students the importance of friendship
  • A seven year girl whose parents are about to divorce goes to her first grade teacher every morning for a hug and encouragement even thought she is second grade right now


  • Teacher must not only expect respect from student , but he or she must respect students themselves
  • Create a positive environment by teaching students to show respect and share compliments
  • Give students magazines, show them pictures of people showing respect to one another , to other people and children show respect to adults
  • Play games like Simon says to highlight people"s similarities and differences
  • A sense of respect in classroom can help students self-esteem , by them giving ideas and opinion, without fear of being reject
  • Have students make a list of synonyms of the world respect . for example esteem , honor , value and admire

Student Involment

Ask students to stand up behind their desks and join in simple choreographed physical movement. Teach hand clapping patterns to accompany a chanted verse or a set of math facts , add foot stomping or hand clapping with a partner to create variety. Using cups to keep students thinking  , Like write the name   of the students in Popsicle sticks and when the time is come to answer a question pull out the Popsicle stick and have them answer the question. With these cup of fairness everybody will have the chance to answer questions. When teacher ask student for feedback and ideas about classroom issues , students feel , what they saw is important and give them some responsibility.

Class Identity

Classroom routines , traditions , and whole class experiences help strengthen these. Have warm-ups every day and talk to them individually. And to students to decide whether they   like the way this project goes. Student see themselves as a group , makes them feel cohesiveness that members of as baseball or debate team develop , such connections grow over tome with the teacher encouragement.

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