Robert Walton is one of the first characters in Frankenstein and is trying to find a passage way to the north pole.

Walton sends letters to his sister Margaret Saville about his journey.

Walton finds victor passed out in front of the ship and he's telling his life story and how he likes science.

Victor tells Walton how he made a monster then it disappeared. Two years later Victor goes home and his brother was murdered by the monster and the servant was framed by the monster.

Victors hometown.

Victor tells Walton about his hometown Geneva and how he was raised by his family.

The monster finds Victor and tells his story.The monster tells Victor how he's been lonely and how he lived with this family without them noticing him.The monster learned from them and how they rejected him when he introduced himself.

The monster kills Victors best friend Henry Clerval and they think Victor killed him so they put him in a holding room until he's proven not guilty.they keep him in there a little bit longer because he goes insane.

Victor gets married.

Victor married Elizabeth Lavenza and on there honeymoon the monster kills Elizabeth. And the monster taunts Victor.

Victor goes mad.

Victor goes crazy and now lives for revenge. And he prays to what ever hears to help him kill the monster

Victor and the monster dies.

Victor goes on a long quest to kill the monster. Then Victor passed out and Walton finds him and he tells his story. Then Victor dies and the monster shows up and says he' going to kill himself.

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