and their culture

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The main religion for Brazil is Roman Catholicism. Two thirds of the Brazilian people are Roman Catholicisim. In the year of 1889 in the proclamation of the republic, the Catholic religion was named the mane religion in Brazil. Not just Catholics that are in Brazil there are also a increasing amount of eastern orthodoxy, Buddism, Shinto, Islams and other religions. The one main thing of all the religions is they all contain spiratalism or spiritism.

Fluminense fans cheer during a Brazilian league soccer match in Maracana Stadium between Fluminense and São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, M


   The main language in Brazil is Portuguese. Portuguese was introduced to Brazil in the 16th century. The language has progressed since the 16th century by the people having improved spelling, pronounce words better and new vocabulary meanings. By this progression it helps Brazilians understand other peoples languages such as Italians, Germans, Japanese and Spanish speaking immigrants. This also leads to new words for Brazilians to learn and speak.  

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   In brazil the food consists of many things. One of the main dishes in Brazil is Feijoada. Feijoada consists of black beans and several kinds of meat but mainly pork. Another food in Brazil is Acaraje. Acaraje or sometimes pronounced akara or acara, is known as a popular breakfast in Brazil. This food is made with blacked eyed peas and is soaked overnight, ground, seasoned with salt and other spices of choice. This is also known as a popular fast food and can be made with a flour base and can have added codfish and also sweet overripe banana or plantains.

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Creative Expression

   In Brazil their creative expression is soccer. Soccer has been a big part of Brazil since the 19th century.The sport was picked up by Englishmen who were visiting brazil at the time. The first Brazilian soccer club was in 1888 in the city of Sao Paulo but at this point the  club had mostly Englishman. At the beginning the club never won any of the games. Later progressively become better and got the publics attention. Pele, the famous soccer player in Brazil helped win the world cup in 1958,1962,1970 and once again 1994. Today Brazil is considered the top soccer nations in the world. Soccer has now become a large part of Brazils culture.

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