Six Traits of Writing

By: J.Parham


Idea is a focused  message or theme that is detail specific and showing and telling.

The reason I put the light bulb as my picture is because in cartoons  like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and Spongebob, there is a bulb over their heads signifying that they have an idea about a solution to a problem.


Organization  engages the reader with an opening and conclusion.

I chose a Venn Diagram because in my notes, it states that a synonym/meaning of  organization is to compare and contrast.


Voice is the writers attitude on the subject based on the audience of readers.

I chose this picture because when I think of voice, I think of how Ursula took Ariel's voice.

Word Choice

Word Choice is the precise colorful language the communicates, moves, and ignites the reader.  

The button leads you to a website with a video explaining how word choice affects your essay.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence fluency is the rhythm and flow of the language.

The video explains everything about sentence fluency


Conventions are the mechanics of writing.

This picture shows the conventions/rules of writing.

The End!

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