San Francisco

San Francisco is the city that always has been beautiful and fascinating to me. I love all about it, the most popular bridge in the world, the architecture, the atmosphere, all of it! San Francisco is located in the USA in California by the Pacific ocean. It is the cultural center and the leading financial hub of Northern California.

San Francisco is filled with places you can visit and things you can see. You can walk around the neighborhood which is unique and so beautiful, there are '' painted ladies '' which are similar Victorian houses standing one by one and it will make you take a picture there.  Even the town is amazing! San Francisco is one of few places in the world where you can ride on a national historic landmark - cable cars. They are the last operated cable car system. And you can ride through all of the city of San Francisco. You can also drive on the city's symbol -'' the bridge that couldn't be built'' -  the Golden Gate bridge. And during daylight you can walk on the sidewalks of the bridge. It is also acceptable for people in wheelchairs and bicycle users. And one more thing you should see in San Francisco is the Alcatraz. It is the first lighthouse built in the Pacific Coast and later it turned into a prison for such notorious convicts as Al Capone.

The thing that i would love to see in San Francisco would be the Fisherman's Wharf. More than 75 % of tourists incorporate it to their tour. It includes Waterfront marketplaces, sea lions, fishing boats, seafood stalls and restaurants and French bread bakeries. You can also visit the souvenir shops and historic shops . And you can go there by cable cars, which adds to the city's atmosphere, so you can enjoy all of  it's spirit!

In short, San Francisco is definitely a place worth visiting. It is beautiful and full of amazing places to visit. I hope some day i will go there and look at it for myself!

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