Quilted Handbags

As much as we would all love to own a Chanel handbag, most middle class Americans cannot wrap their heads around spending $2500 on a handbag. Seriously, that is almost two mortgage payments! I remember many years ago pre-children, pre-husband, pre this thing called "growing up" --ah, I guess growing up has its perks.. I mean you can drink vino without being sneeky about it (haha). Anyways, I wanted this baby blue Coach bag that was going to cost me $365.00, I wanted this bag so bad! I was 18 years old..but I wanted this damn bag!.... Wait, let me explain something, I am a diehard frugal shopper. Give me $100.00 and I will buy a whole new outfit with shoes & jewelry included and possible still even have money left over. So to justify buying this bag, I made myself use it everyday for 1 whole year. I did this because then it seemed "affordable". 1 dollar every day. $1.00 everyday to use a handbag? Can we say Coo coo! Well I did, I used this stupid bag for one whole year(even if it didn't go with my outfit, I used it!) ...but, that is soo not me. I want a different hadbag for what I am feeling, what I was wearing, what I had planned for that day. Some people hate change, I thrive on it! I want things to appear different or new (even if they aren't). Expressing yourself is an art. Whether your changing your hair color, your style or even your handbag. It's how you choose to express yourself. I need to express myself..and using the same handbag every day is me not doing that! Long story short, I never looked at spending $1.00 a day for 1 item the same EVER again.

So with all that being said, I truly am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with the quilted handbag! It is Super cute, super square, and super classic looking. That rectangled, quilted styled bag has been around forever! Originally CoCo Chanel came out with the quilted handbag back in the 1920's, .(, if only a Chanel bag cost $200.00 now-a-days?! I being coo coo again?).

..and now a little history about the Quilted Handbag. Back in the 20's a handbag was held, not worn. That inspired CoCo Chanel, and she began designing a handbag that could be worn on the shoulder and not carried. The beauty behind the quilted handbag was its straight lines. The straps were inspired by soldiers straps, and the fabric by Jockies jackets. (Codos to Wikipedia & From there on out people used this specific design as an inspirational bag. They recreated it and made it their own. So props to CoCo Chanel for creating such a classic chic handbag! has this designer inspired handbag for sale at $2460 cheaper! Ya thats right, our quilted handbags are only $40.00! I really cannot get enough of this bag! I hope you enjoyed my rendition on the quilted handbag.

xo Lynn