Percent of Change Project

The Skittles company was a very successful company in the 1990's. They sold there skittles for 1.19 and it was a decent price for back then. I did the percent of change math and it is at a increase of 1.31%. They were a very nice expensive candy for the 1990's. They were competition for the rivaling M&M company. Skittles were one of the most popular candies if not the most. We were trying to find out about what the percent of change was for the skittles and M&Ms were and we have answered the question for both.

List of Data

- Skittles were $1.19 in the 90s and M&Ms were 99 Cents in the 90s.

-The price for Skittles in 2014 is $2.75 and the price of M&Ms in 2014 is $2.89.

- M&Ms - 2% increase / Skittles - 1.31% Increase.

- The M&M Company changed the color of the M&Ms often because they wanted to keep their consumers interested in their product. The Skittle Company did the same thing to keep their consumers interested but they also changed the flavor of the Skittle with the color.

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