Introducing Schoolhere Ltd

Schoolhere Ltd is a new UK based education company that provides a place where online tuition and masterclasses can take place via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. That means tutors and masterclass hosts can deliver pay per view content from their home or place of work to individual pupils, groups, schools or workers 'live' around the world.

Smartphone adoption is rising fast

The Ericsson Mobility Report of june 2015 states that

Smartphone subscriptions are set to more than double by 2020. By this time, 70 percent of the World´s population (6.1 Billion people) will have a smartphone.

Most mobile broadband devices are, and will continue to be, smartphones. Many consumers in developing markets first experience the internet on a smartphone, usually due to limited access to fixed broadband. 2014 saw more than 700 million smartphone subscriptions added, due to the addition of new subscribers and existing subscribers exchanging their basic phones for smartphones. It took over five years to reach the first billion smartphone subscriptions, a milestone that was hit in 2012, and less than two years to reach the second billion. Almost 80% of the smartphones added by year end 2020 will be from Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Right Place, Right Time

Schoolhere Ltd is in the right place at the right time to help improve education in the UK and throughout the world.

Taking India as an example. Demand for education is rising. UK education expertise is highly valued and sort after. While smartphone ownership and internet access is increasing. However costs of 'in person' on the ground training are high, so digital technology is being seen as an increasingly favourable option. Similar opportunities apply in Africa,China and in other parts of the world.

In the UK opportunities exist in individual tutoring, group tutoring, online masterclasses for schools and in sharing good teaching practice and continuous professional development for teachers.

(Video 3.30 mins Courtesy of The Business Channel and The British Council)

Why Choose Schoolhere?

Schoolhere Ltd is a new dynamic company that wants to work with forward thinking partners to innovate and improve access to education for all using digital technology

Schoolhere is a business that also wants to have a positive social impact

Elearning course building capability

Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

'Live' and recorded online tutorials or masterclasses

Ease of use

Video quality

Screen sharing documents, photos and video clips including ipad screen sharing and annotation of shared screen

Audio quality

Cross platform group messaging push to talk to enable 'live' Q and A

Sessions can be recorded and shared with others or reviewed by students at a time or place convenient to themselves or to make sure that they understood key points of learning

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

Schoolhere reduces training costs for the organisation, the trainer and the student and allows students to learn when and where it is most convenient to themselves

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The Schoolhere team

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