The sun god

By Cameron Cherry

Ra is the egyptian god of the sun. Ra is the central god of all other egyptian gods. Ra is believed to be the creator of all egyptian gods. Ra is the king of all egyptian gods.

Ra, the central god of all other egyptian gods.


Ra has many features. Ra can appear as the body of a man with a falcon head. Ra also has a sun disk that rests over his falcon head. Ra holds a ankh ( a cross with a handle) in his right hand and in his left hand he holds the Uas' scepter of power.


Ra's symbols are the Eye of Ra ( shown in the beginning of the presentation) which is the right eye of Horus ( the falcon god) and the Sun Disk ( shown in the picture of Ra).


Some say the Ra was created by willing himself into existence.


Ra provides warmth and light from the sun. Ra also sails in a boat called the "Barque of Millions." In the day time, while sailing in the boat, Ra had to fight the enemy snake named Apep ( Ra's brother). Ra was not alone in the fight because sometimes he would have help from Set ( the god of chaos) and Bast ( the goddess of cats).


Ra had a secret name and it contained all of his powers. Ra soon started to grow old and sometimes he would drool. Isis ( the goddess of magic) noticed this, so she gathered some of Ra's saliva, made it into a snake, and hid it where Ra would walk. As soon as Ra stepped on the snake it bit him. Ra was in terrible pain and no other god or goddess could heal him, so Isis went to Ra and told him that if he told her his secret name it would give her enough power to heal him. Ra did not want to do this, but soon the pain became worse. Ra could not take the pain, so he told Isis his secret name and it gave her enough power to heal Ra. Isis healed Ra and also had his powers. This is the reason why Isis has the power that Ra once had.