gardener by s.a. bodeen

brandon baca

before reading the gardener i thought it was a lame looking book cause the name

evolution in the gardener is that it takes place in a species overtime. evolution is important becouse it has species to do with it.

a heterotroph is an organism that uses other organisms for nutrients. heterotroph is important becouse it helps organisms get nutrients

autotroph is is self feeders. autotroph is important in the gardener becouse  it helps people self feed

photosynthesis is when a plant uses sunlight to make its own food. photosynthesis is important in the gardener becouse the plants gets sunlight to grow

why does his mother keep secrets? his mother keeps secrets becouse she doesnt want him  to know about her past

is masons dad a plant? yes masons dad is a plant

Melby fails is small and ended but bueatiful. Trodyn is big and very futuristic and smells like plants. Portland is big and very packed.

I think human experiance is wrong because kids should learn how the real world is and be one to have and see and feel all things that humans should feel

climate is like drought. global warning is like hot or cold

it is a problem becouse it is hundive alot or living organisms

food crisis is not enough food. it is a problem cause people are starving to death and dying

Karner blue is a butterfly that is in danger. it lives in the thdiang dunes. it is being endangered

Karner blue is important in the gardener becouse that is his sign of what he stands for and who he is

the sevent generation principle is important becouse its the choices we make today will result in a seven generations in the future

i learned that climate change can be really bad sometimes. the food crisis is that they need food to be healthy and safe

i feel the the song seven  generation was a good song that should help the enviorment get clean and be safe and donate money to the forest

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