David Webb, Hunger games

Have you ever seen the hunger games movie? Well the Hunger Game Movie is a thrilling, intense movie by Gary Ross.Plus there are 3 books by Suzanne Collins.

The basic characters are katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Effie.Kaitness and Peeta are from the same district .peeta is a baker for district 12 and kaitness is a secrtly.But Peeta and kaitness are both fighting in the hunger games. Also about haymitch and Effie they are both sponsors. But haymitch won the hunger games and Effie works for the capital Effie and haymitch teach them their ways on how to survive.

The main plot is fighting and training for the games. The training part is hard because everyone wants to kill each other.pllus they based you on a scale of 1-10 on how likely you will survive. Peeta gets an 8 and kaitness gets a 9 the highest one out of 24 people.plus people try picking fights with you. But they teach you on how to use a knife, bow, pick axes etc... The fighting is so intense its very bloody people did in a vicious way and there are deadly traps everywhere in the arena.

The settings take place in the future. The dome is really weird it’s all controlled by computers it has weird temputre also a weird battle zone and they people who fight in the hunger games they have to wear very weird outfits and they have to stay in that till they die or in till they win the games.

In conclusion this movie is very good but It is very violent I only recommend teenagers to see it not kids younger than 13 even though I am only 12 years of age.

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