Liberia has been under some of the most immense pressure of of ebola and was hit extremely hard leaving many families broken apart and villages destroyed. Ebola killed over 150 people in a very small village and the resilience of these people has become tested. One of the largest effects that ebola caused on these people is that it prevented many farmers from growing their crops as they missed the growing season. Many farmers rely on their crops and their families do as well for the income and the food they bring making and it is extremely hard for them to recover after missing the growing season. Ebola largely affected the populations education and children. Many children missee at least 7 months of school during this time period and this hurt the population greatly as it will take them even longer than that to catch up. Liberias economy was almost slashed in half as during this timei period trade had stopped andmany buissneses were unable to find customers causing most to close down or come close to closing down. Perhaps one of th the saddest parts of the tragedy was that the family's could not give their dead family members a proper burial. due to how the corpses would still be infected with the disease even after death. So far the United States has been helping the country by adding destinations that treat ebola and the country seems to be showing signs of improvement on becoming ebola free. Overall I feel that the country is in a very scary state because it is hard for a country to help other than to send aid to fight the disease. A possible solution I feel to this would be to have countries like the United States send help in the form of food to give the families a chance at surviving past this time period and moving on.



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