A place full of mysteries

Conflicts between: Muslims Arabs,Christians,Indigenous Black Africans it took place in Mideast Africa between the North and the South

Population:97% Islam                                                                                                                                                   1.5%Christians                                                                                                                                           1.5% Indigenous Black Africans

The dominant religion in this country is Muslims Arabs

Muslims have the highest population among the country and a lot of followers in this religion!

They are involved in this conflicts because of different beliefs among the Muslims Arabs and the Christians and indigenous groups in the south.The North fluently speaks Arabic and are Islamic faith  as for the south are very diverse and have multiple languages they also go by book of God called the bible as for the Muslims book of god is called the Qur'an. Each religion has its day of worship.For example,for Christians is Sunday as for in Islam its on Fridays.

Similarities:Both religions believe in one God who is the creator of the universe.They believe that people should follow the 10 commandments and moral teachings of the prophets.Also they both believe that your actions on earth will show whether you go to hell or paradise in the after life.



Some characteristics of this place were the conflicts started was the beginning of cash crops.There was a lot of competition for scarce resources among the country such as who got control of the oil fields. That's when many problems between both religions over who got most of the resources arose throughout Sudan. At first there was a peace established by the North and South in which they agreed to stop all sort of violence,but 12 years later the civil war began again in 1938.

                              Tension between the groups

Muslim Arab rulers consider  Christian mission activity to be an obstacle to their religion and see the South as less worthy or inferior.Especially the ingenious Black Africans since they were once taken as slaves.

Indigenous African Americans

                       Any attempts made to make peace?

There has been peace talks between the gov't and southern rebels.Also agreements on sharing oil revenues.They also signed the Machakos Protocol.

Have others tried to Help Bring about a truce? Why?

The u.s governmemt tried to bring  peace to Sud├ín because the Civil War has created    a place full of  malnutrition ,starvation,and disease.

What is the prospect for peace? is this conflict lightly to continue ?

Theres not a lot of prospect for peace  since theres so many ethnicities which seems to be a conflict for those who have different opinions,and beliefs.

The North and the South flags

If the conflict continues,might it expand to include others ?

Yes because others might get involved and thats how war starts,and everyone starts to have there Own alliances.

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