Middle Ages Timeline

Alan Wallace

1099 CE Crusaders capture Jerusalem

Crusaders capture Jerusalem Godfrey of Bouillion is elected king of Jerusalem.

In the spring of 1097, a host of over 100,000 crusaders joined forces on the eastern side of the Bosphorus. The combined army then fought its way along the coast of the Mediterranean reaching the gates of Jerusalem in June of 1099.

The First Crusade was the most successful in that it actually accomplished what it set out to do - conquer Jerusalem.

This event is important because it tells you about an insane period of time where people truly just wanted to conquer everything.

1170 CE Medieval Europe

The first European windmill was developed.

The church also had involvement with windmills. Take for instance, Pope  Celestine III who claimed that air used by windmills belong to the church. He  made the assertion that windmills must be built with the expressed consent of a  papal tithe.

The post mill which was small and had a trestle that was poorly protected. So  that means harsh weather conditions were more than enough to do damage to the  post mill.

This shows us an origin of a very ingenious invention.

1215 Signing of The Magna Carta

English barons force King John to agree to a statement of their rights.

The Magna Carta was originally written in Latin. A large part of the Charter at Runnymede was copied.

The Magna Carta was meant to make the King govern by the old English laws.

Magna Carta was originally written in Latin. A large part of the Charter at Runnymede was copied, nearly word for word.

This event is a marking of revolution.  

1280 CE Medieval Europe

Eyeglasses are invented and later improved in the late medieval period.

Spectacle frames usually are made of plastic or metal. Plastic frames are made  from zylonite, cellulose acetate or nylon. Zylonite, also called zyl.

143 million adults wear prescription eye wear (64% of the adult population)

This helps show the origin of the eyeglasses.

1297 CE Battle of Cambuskennethe!

Scottish patriot William Wallace defeats The English.

William was potrayed as a 7 foot tall indivdual who shoots fireballs from his bum. 

In May 1297, Wallace attacked the town of Lanark, killing the English sheriff, apparently to avenge the death of Marion Braidfute of Lamington.

This event is important because it shows another areas revolotion.

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