Tools Of The Trade
Tatyana Padilla


Edmodo is a site that looks like facebook but is for students to connect to there individual classes at school.

Students can turn in assignments, look at upcoming assignments, and due dates of ongoing assignments.

You can do certain assignments at home in your spare time so you won't have to do it in class.


Remind is a tool that allows my teachers to send me notifications on assignments that are due.

When you sign up you either put your email or phone number. Your teacher will send you an email or a text on your current assignments due date if it is close or if the due date has changed.

If you're incapable of remembering the due date to all your assignments this will be helpful in "reminding" you about the assignment one to two days before due. is a site that allows people to create and post online visual graphics.

You can log into the site and create a graphic about anything of your choice and share it with the world.

You can make any kind of graphic to use for you classes in presentations or assignments.


it's a site where you can create pages on whatever you want.

you log into your account and start a new page and while creating it you can link websites to it along with photos, videos, music, and locations.

If you wanted to make a flyer of an upcoming event you can come to the site and create one to inform everyone about it.

IB Design Cycle

The IB Design Cycle is a tool used to help IB students create a solution to challenges or problems.

You have to go step by step through several steps to find a solution.

You can find multiple ways to find a solution. You could find a long solution with complicated steps that require you to buy items or you can do small simple steps that don't require any purchase.

Inquiring and Analyzing

You want to recognize you issue, problem, or challenge.

You then want to figure out where you can get information on the issue.

Developing Ideas

check for the heart of the issue.

Develop ideas that will help you fix the issue that others will undrestand.

Choose a temporary solution.

Creating A Solution

Determine the time and resources to create the solution.

Do the best possible solution.

Make and a plan and follow it.


Test what to do and see if it'll work.

Ask yourself if the solution worked.

reflect and fix if needed.

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