Breakfast is better to have for dinner

Why because having dinner for breakfast is just feels weird to me and other people my feel this way to and some may think I am just crazy for think like that  but  I just don't care. The three reasons I chose breakfast for  dinner  is  because 1 when you are in your pj's you can feel comfortable and can enjoy the meal . 2 For me it feels weird to eat dinner in the morning and it just feel doesn't  feel   right . 3 When you eat dinner for breakfast it feels like you need to not to be in a comfortable you need to be in a formal dressing and siting in a dining table instead you  could have been in the couch watching tv or on your phone.

The best meal is to go to ihop and get there New York strawberry flavored cheesecake pancake, and this how i described it melting cheesecake cream in the pancakes and there are 4 to 6 pancakes and you get to pick but anyways there is also hot melted syrup strawberry flavored  and strawberry's on top with powdered sugar with whip cream on top.

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