The Cuban missile crisis.  


The president for america during this war was John F. Kennedy. He also was the one who agreed to putting base camps in Turkey and Italy. Now Cubans leader was Castro Fidel. Although this man was a leader and very peaceful, he was not afraid to launch missiles at a countries. Last we have the Soviet Unions captain was Joseph Stalin. This man as many Soviet Union men were the roughest and toughest soldiers of all of Russia. He was the type of man who would ride a rocket to America, land in the middle of America, and then attack with only his fist.


The Cuban missile crisis was a nuclear war between Russia, Cuba, and United states. Where Russia was pointing missiles at Cuba and America. Luckily of all these missiles none were actually launched.


This short lived war was not as dangerous as it could have been if it had have been longer. This war carried on from October 14 1962 to October 28 1962. On November 20 the 3 countries decided never to use nuclear bombs. Of course someday we will most likely come across having to use them in battle once again.


The countries who were part of this 14 day long war were the United states. Turkey and Italy were our allies helping us aim missiles at Russia. Cuba who was being threatened by the Soviet Union. Finally, we have Russia having missiles ready to launch at Cuba and United States posing a great threat.


The Cuban missile crisis happened because of the decision to deploy missiles in Cuba and can be broken down in to 2 categories 1) Soviet insecurity and 2) the fear of losing Cuvba in an invasion.


The Cuban missile crisis was a 14 day long war against America and Russia. With Cuba being Russia's pawn.

Made by: Tim Ferry

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