The Arabian Peninsula

Ten Tips about it's desert, oases, coastal plain and mountains.

1. In the desert it can be 120 degrees in the morning then 40 degrees at night.

2. Oases are really hard to find in deserts so be sure to have a map.

3. Coastal Plains are full of vegetation and they are at the edge of the Arabian Peninsula .

4. Each mountain has different temperatures so it can be 50 degrees on the mountain you are on and it's 80 degrees at another mountain.

5. There's fruits and vegetation in Oases .

6. People build terraces on mountains so they can plant stuff.

7. You need a camel for transportation in the deserts.

8.They are traders on coastal plains, so you can trade stuff you don't want for something you need.

9. It's It rains about 3 to 4 inches in the desert once a year so don't depend on rain for water .

10. In the Arabian Peninsula people travel through the desert while wearing a long loose fitting gown because the sun is going to be constantly beaming on you, they also wore a cotton headdresses to protect against dust, heat, and flies.

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