The Sewing Machine by Elias Howe.

How it all began.

Elias Howe was born with a physical disability. That disability made his work more difficult and more painful. He was laid off his work for a little bit because of his disability. So his wife took up a job where she had to sew by hand to help pay family bills. He watched her work, and it made him want to make a sewing machine even more to help her out. The problem that it solved was it helped his wife sew faster and it was easier. It helped the family be able to get enough money to pay bills.

How it helped us now.

The way the sewing machine helps us now, is it is easier for people to fix their clothing that has been ripped or damaged. Also for some people that cannot buy their own clothing, they make it from a sewing machine There aren't many problems with the sewing machine now.

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