fishy, fishy

By: Barbara Flemming

                  Spotted African Leaf fish

This is a Spotted African Leaf Fish. These fish love to eat smaller fish like...... Guppies. WARNING: DO NOT PUT FISH THAT ARE SMALLER THEN 6" LONG IN WITH THE SPOTTED AFRICAN LEAF FISH!!!!!! The Spotted African Leaf Fish likes when the water is between 72-82 degrees. There tank size has to be a minimum of 50 gallons. There favorite decoration that need to be in the tank is a rock cave. They need somewhere to sleep, hide and relax, don't they?

Kennyi African Fish

This is a Kennyi African Cichlid fish. The Kennyi African Cichlid loves to play around with other fish in the tank.The water temperature needs to be between 72-82 degrees.

Fish tank measurements/ Bags of gravel

The volume of the tank is 17280 in cubed . You will need 12 bags of gravel {60 lbs}. I am using pebble beach gravel because it is plain and simple. My equation is 60 x 1 for pounds of gravel I need. The equation for the volume of the gravel is: length x width x the height of the gravel is taking up.

Total Costs

Large Tank: $300.00                                                  

Up to 60 gallon water filter: $70.00

Heater: $36.00

Light 48": $60.00

Rock Cave:$35.00

Volcano Bubbler: $25.00

Pebble Beach Gravel: $5.50 per bag {12 bags needed}

Blue Medium w/ Rock Base: $15.00

Cork Screw Plant: $1.50

Spotted African Leaf Fish {2}: $17.98

Kenyi African Cichlid {2}: $ 13.78

Total Cost In All: $640.26

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