Cell Analogy Project

By Leo Jameson

The structures and organelles of a cell can easily be related to the workings of a city. Just as every organelle has a job, every structure in a city does too.

The Nucleus controls the processes of a cell, much like how a city hall of a town will control a city. Although the city hall will not quite control everything (like the nucleus), it controls the laws or ordinances of a city, making boundaries for it.

The Mitochondria is the "powerhouse of the cell" because they take nutrients, break them down, and create energy for the cell. A power plant generates electric energy for the city.

Central vacuoles are like large containers, carrying many things for the cell such as waste, or in this case, water. A water tower contains water, much like how a central vacuole might.

Peroxisomes have a single membrane that contains digestive enzymes for breaking down toxic materials in the cell, such as fatty acids. A gym will help somebody lose (or 'break down') the extra fat that people don't want.

A Lysosome, like a Peroxisome, digests things using enzymes stored in it. In this case, waste found within the cell. A garbage disposal does this as well, as the garbage will eventually be moved to a factory where they break it down or burn it depending on the material.

Ribosomes create protein for the cell, a nutrient that a cell needs to survive. A restaurant will also provide protein for human beings, something that we all need as well, and other delicious treats.

The ER functions as a manufacturing and packaging system for the cell, helping it move along to where it needs to go for the next step of the process needed easily. A street will also guide people to where they may want to go easily.

The Cell Membrane regulates what will come in and out of a cell. Like a Cell Membrane, border patrol will inspect whatever vehicle or person may want to enter the city, making sure they're safe to come in.

The Cell Wall of a cell keeps everything in, providing a protective framework so the cell can survive. The city also has a border (or fence) around it, so dangerous things won't be able to come in without first passing the border patrol (or in this analogy's case, the cell membrane).

Cytoplasm is the fluid that fills a cell. Like Cytoplasm, air fills the environment without us noticing. Although we don't notice it and it doesn't do any processes in particular, it's still vital, just as Cytoplasm is.

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3 years ago

Looks nice, however you forgot the chloroplast in the plant cell. You also need to put the term "plant cell" in the title.