By: Logan Ferrucci

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

Reading this book hit me with a connection from a past experience of mine. Last summer I was outside the school with the volleyball team doing a car wash. This is very similar to the situation in the book with Bethany and her tennis team also having a car wash outside the school in the summer. Tyler the main character was working on the roof when he saw girls squirting each other with hoses. That is another memory moment that I had when Marie, Valentina, and the rest of the volleyball team also did. When there was no cars we squirted each other with water. Vehicles lined all the way out to the road was both in the book and in real life. I just had a good connection with this part of the book because it brought back some of the best memories from Shenango Volleyball 2014.

March 25, 2015
Aha Moment

During this section of the book Tyler is realizing his previous mistakes. He is starting to see that being bad and doing bad things is not always the right way to go if you are looking for a girlfriend. He thought that Bethany would like him if he did something bad like spray painting immature things on the school. He started to realize he needed to change when he got punished. He now is trying to be nice to Bethany but is also being kind of perverted. At Bethany's house when Chip pushed Tyler he ran into Bethany and tried to catch her when she fell, to try to stop her from getting cut by glass. "When my arms tried to catch her and my legs fought for balance.

March 26, 2015
Tough Questions

In this section Tyler is asking himself some tough questions. He has never really been alone with a girl before. This is very understandable to the reader because if you have never really been alone with someone it is going to be awkward at first. He asks himself if this is a new "pain level or a dream?" He does not fully understand that he is not in a fairy tale land and that this real life, him and the girl of his dreams alone in a basement. "What was I supposed to do?""Talk?" is another statement he made. I would advise Tyler to try to make some conversation without making things awkward. These "tough questions" are hard for him to answer on his on because he is in so much shock for the situation he is in right now.

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