Make a Valentine's Day Wreath

A simple wreath that can be customised in any way you choose!

A beautiful yarn wrapped wreath creates a blank canvas that can be decorated in a number of ways for different holidays or seasons.  While the yarn wrapping can be tedious, it's very simple and has a beautiful look.  Use pins to attach various decorations so you can use this wreath again and again!  Here's one all decked out for Valentine's Day!


  • Yarn (your choice of color, but I prefer white), one skein
  • Foam heart
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • 2 pieces felt (each) in white, pink, and red
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Embroidery floss in red, white, and pink
  • Pins (to adhere decorations to wreath).  Applique pins work well because they have a small pinhead that is virtually unnoticeable.


  • Wrap yarn around wreath, using the hot glue on the back of the wreath to adhere.  Pull out about 8 arm lengths of yarn, glue one end to the back of the wreath, then wrap the yarn, tightening as you go.   Glue the end of the yarn to the wreath.  Do this step until the whole wreath is covered.
  • To make felt roses: cut out a circle from the felt.  Cut this circle into a spiral, then roll the end until it forms a rose.  Add a small dot of glue to hold rose together.  The bigger the circle, the bigger the rose.  Make as many felt roses as necessary to cover the foam heart.
  • Glue the roses to the foam heart, arranging them to cover as much area as possible.
  • Cut two pieces of ribbon to desired length of where you want the foam heart to hang inside your wreath.  Glue the ribbon to the back of the heart.  Use pins to place the heart in the middle of the wreath.
  • Cut one piece of ribbon to desired length and pin to the back of the wreath to hang.
  • To make felt hearts: cut out 2 hearts each in red, white, and pink.  Sew hearts together using coordinating color thread (ie, use red thread for red hearts).  Leave a small hole, then add in cotton stuffing.  Once filled, finish sewing the heart closed.  Do this for all three colors.
  • Add a contrasting colored stitch to each heart.  I used red thread on the white heart, pink thread on the red heart, and white thread on the pink heart.
  • Pin hearts on to wreath.
  • Hang, and admire your beautiful new wreath!

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