Many women before the depression had many jobs and where doing well for themselves, but when the depression came, many lost their jobs and houses. They had to look for other ways to take care of their children. 


The children were affected by the great depression by having t0 see their parents go through hard times effecting some children to the point were they couldn't sleep at night. Children were also not feed enough some would even sent to school just so they could eat. Some children didn't even have clean clothes

Migrant Workers

The people who worked lost their jobs and some even got deported. The government wanted to make room for Americans to get jobs so the migrated workers lost their jobs.


Because of the dust bowl it caused the crops to die out due to the long droughts. The soil turn to dust and the winds blow the dust making it a dust storm burying houses and destroying farms. Farmers couldn't make a profit, so  they left their farms and moved to different places. 

African Americans

The great depression affected the African Americans the least because that's how they used to leave. It did affect them because they were doing great with the Harlem Renaissance, but then they went down back again.

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