Nigerian Bulletin is the Best Site for Nigerian News and Advertiser Reach


Nigerian Bulletin is the Best Site for Nigerian News and Advertiser Reach

NIGERIA (Dec. 15, 2013) – Whether you are a concerned citizen looking to find out what is happening in your nation, or an advertiser looking to reach a desirable demographic, Nigerian Bulletin – located at - should be your first stop on the World Wide Web.

Nigerian Bulletin is an on-line platform that provides its users with the latest Nigerian and foreign news, reviews, articles, videos and images from a wide variety of local and international websites, newspapers, blogs, magazines, associations, and business organizations.

The old line – “All the News That’s Fit to Print” – could very well apply to Nigerian Bulletin. The Nigerian Bulletin, however, provides that news in real-time with an advanced internet feed that puts Nigerian news instantly in the hands of those seeking it.

Nigerian News is committed to being the ultimate source of diverse information in the areas of politics, business, technology, sports, health, education, cultural, development, metro, local and international news. Nigerian Bulletin is also an online community where users can interact with one another, share views, opinion and ideas and use the on-site tools and resources for their mutual, and often exclusive, benefit.

If it is happening in Nigeria, or could affect the people of Nigeria, then you can be sure that will have that story, delivered to your computer, smartphone or tablet immediately, efficiently and accurately. It is a window to your world that is as close as your nearest internet connected device. You can also follow the Nigerian Bulletin on Twitter @nbulletin, providing you with even more convenient access to the news and information important to you.

Because it is such a convenient platform for Nigeria news and information, it is also a desirable location for any business looking to reach Nigeria to advertise. If you are a business looking to advertise or promote your brand, product or services on Nigerian Bulletin, the website offers a wide range of tools and services designed to help you reach out to your target audience and attract the right buyers, clients, customers and visitors.

Potential advertisers need only fill out a convenient form on the Nigerian Bulletin website. From that, a member of the site’s business development team will be on hand to help you with further details about services that can help you reach your target demographic.

The Nigerian Bulletin is a great resource, both for the person seeking the latest in Nigerian News and information and the advertiser looking to reach an audience that will improve the bottom line. Simply point your browser to to catch up on the latest news or to find out how you can improve your profits by partnering with The Nigerian Bulletin.


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