Since China was in a time of war and trouble, a wise man named Laozi created a philosophy known as Daoism.  "This philosophy was supposed to bring peace to China, and to stress simplicity."  Laozi believed that by living this way, China would be at peace. "Laozi was said to be the author of a book called the Dao De Jing."  This book was supposed to have Laozi's thoughts about the philosophy of Daoism, as well as the thoughts of other authors.  "In the Dao De Jing, it says that in order to live a peaceful life, you must not brag, and draw attention to yourself."  Laozi believed that behaving this way would leave you to have a peaceful life.  Laozi believed that the philosophy of Daoism would bring peace to China.

A symbol that was used in Daoism was the Yin and Yang.  "The Yin and Yang represented the balance between good and evil, beautiful and ugly, and pleasure and pain."  The people that followed Daoism used  Yin and Yang as a type of guide.  "The Yin, which means badness, is the black area of the symbol."  Citizens in China tried to not be classified in the Yin area.  "The Yang, which means goodness is the white part of the symbol."  People try to stay in the white area as much as possible.  But Laozi did believe that everyone needed a balance of both, Yin and Yang, in order for China to be at peace.

The Dao De Jing  was an important part of Daoism.  "When Laozi was about to leave China, a guard asked him his thoughts.  Laozi began writing the Dao De Jing, which was only 5,000 characters."  Since Laozi was the creator of Daoism, the Dao De Jing must have been a big deal for everyone following the philosophy at the time.  "Although, the Dao De Jing was written by other people besides Laozi, it is their interpretation of the philosophy of Daoism."  Many people following the philosophy of Daoism use the Dao De Jing as a guide.  "For example, in the Dao De Jing, it says that to avoid robbers in your home, don't brag about your riches and jades."  The Dao De Jing is suggesting that in order to live a peaceful life, do not brag or bring attention to yourself.  The Dao De Jing is an important part of the philosophy of Daoism.

The man admiring nature is an example of someone following the philosophy of Daoism.  "The man is admiring the simple things in nature."  In Daoism, it is important to be simple and not focus on the complex things.   "The man is also reflecting on himself and his life."  He is trying to find peace by doing this.  "The man is admiring how the trees and grass move with the breeze."  He is watching the simple movements that happen in nature.  The philosophy of Daoism is all about admiring nature and enjoying the simplicity of things.

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