Paraguay is a landlocked country that borders Brazil,Argentina and Bolivia. It was also my home for three years. I lived in the capital of Paraguay known as Asuncion. There are 2 major languages and they are Spanish and Guarani. Paraguay is located in South America. The population ranges to 6.6 million.

3 Major rivers in Paraguay are the Paraguay river, Verde and the Chaco river.

3 Major Cities in Paraguay are Asuncion, Caacupe and Concepcion.

Climate:The climate in Paraguay is mostly humid and hot through the year. When winter came around it would get no colder than 60 degrees. Even though it was 60 it was considered Antarctica to them.

Culture:The Government of Paraguay is Representative Democratic Republic, with a multi-party system and a separation of powers. The major Religions are Roman Catholicism and Protestant. The most beloved sport in Paraguay is soccer. They absolutely love it. In PE they would always complain if we did not play soccer.Popular music to them is what was popular in the U.S. two months after the song came out. Other popular music is their local music which consisted of Latin America pop and rock. They also love famous American bands. My second year I was their I went to a KISS concert and it was awesome to see how many people still love the classics. In Paraguay there are some foods that I loved and some I did not. My most favorite were the empanadas and lomitos. A lomito is a thin piece of beef and it is topped with tomatoes, ham, lettuce and a egg in it. Some of the foods I did not like where there dulce deleche. It is caramel but nowhere near our caramel. Theirs were way to thick and not good at all.

Weird Laws: You can legally duel, if both participating players are blood donors.

Travel Tips: Don't ever use the public buses.   

                       Don't buy toys because they break easily.

                       The locals do not tip anyone.

                       Prepare to look at old,fat,shirtless and hairy men.

                       You have to ask for pepper because they do not like spicy food and pepper is considered spicy to them.

Health Issue: People can not drink water from the tap because it is not for drinking. You have to buy jugs. People live near the Chaco River the most dirtiest river in Paraguay. The sad thing is that is where the poor people live and they swim in the very same river like we would with a swimming pool. The people drink and stay up till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.

This is what I witnessed from living in Paraguay. It is a very poor country and living their helped me learn to value all my belongings. When you are upset that you did not get that one present for Christmas, think about the poor people in Paraguay and around the World.


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