Measles Outbreak in Southern California Leaves People Wondering "Am I Vulnerable?"

By Max

          Families planning a trip to Disneyland Parks were upset to here that the park will be closed for decontamination. This is due to a recent outbreak of measles that occurred there earlier this month that has slapped our nation across the face. A disease that we have believed to have been eradicated from the US in the last century has come back to haunt us. A reported 1000 people are being monitored for the disease that were at Disneyland at the time of the outbreak, and thousands more are still unaccounted for. While most news sources suggest that this outbreak will not effect you as long as you are vaccinated, some speculation still arises about the measles and if it has grown stronger to a point where another vaccine is needed. However, sources suggest that this speculation is false and it is recommended that you receive the vaccine if you haven't already.

Make sure to receive the measles vaccine to immunize yourself.

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Disneyland just days before it was closed.

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A map of where the measles occur most often. Officials suspect that the Disneyland outbreak was caused by a foreigner from one of these locations.

Rashes are one of the many symptoms caused by measles.

Young children are especially vulnerable to measles and are more probed to its complications, such as pneumonia and brain swelling.

Some ways to identify the measles in an infected person.