3/30/15 Memory Moment

Doug Swieteck recalls his oldest brother, Lucas, beating him up when he says "Lucas is my oldest brother who stopped beating me up a year and a half ago when the United States Army drafted him to beat up Vietcong instead." He also mentions when his father comes home angry because the kitchen is clean but there's no lunch and when Doug

3/30/15 Again and Again

Doug Mentions at the beginning of the book that his father has quick hands. Then later on Doug defends his mother by pointing out that they were cleaning the kitchen which is why there is no lunch and he says "My father turned to look at me, then his hand flashed out. He has quick hands, like I told you.

3/30/15 Aha Moment

When Doug first meets Lil Spicer he is being a little crude in manners. He catches himself and then says to himself "I was sounding like Lucas. I decided I wouldn't be Lucas.  

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