Bob Kerrey is famous for being a senator, a president of a University, and a Navy SEAL !

Bob(Robert) Kerrey was born in 1943. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His mom was a instructor at the University of Nebraska and his dad was a builder and businessman. When he was younger, Bob worked at his dad’s lumber and coal yard, was a newspaper boy, and also liked T.V. He played high school football and was a natural-born leader. He loved his childhood in Lancaster County.

When grown up , Bob joined the U.S. Navy SEALs and served in the Vietnam war as an officer. For his bravery, he was awarded with the Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart after losing the lower right part of his leg in the war when an enemy’s grenade hit him.

Some of his GREATEST accomplishments are becoming a senator, recipient of the medal of honor and the Purple Heart, owning a restaurant (Mother's Skillet), and being a notable Nebraskan.



Thank you for reading the Photo essay on Bob Kerrey's life and greatest accomplishments. We read about him being in the navy SEALs, and being one of the most notable Nebraskans in history today.

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