End Of Year Project

Persuasive Essay

                 Your walking down the street and find a twenty dollar bill laying contently on the ground, You then discover a man franticly searching for something and of course it clicks to you that he is looking for the money. What would you do? The world is seemingly becoming more and more corrupt before our eyes. The world is lacking good people because people are letting the corrupt people effect them and their decisions causing a cycle to begin. People of today need to break this vicious cycle and do the rite thing so we can live in peace and become united

                  More good people in the world would cause us to live in peace and harmony, however that is not the case of today we have horrible people out there not only committing but promoting crimes such as tersest attacks and even identity fraud. These groups of people wouldn't exist without bad people there wouldn't be mass killings or lives being shattered, but because these people let other horrible people influence their decisions they are contributing to the statistics of bad people in the world.

                Having good people in the world would cause people to become untied. We need to be united in order to have peace and harmony because people are being discriminated against because of skin color, religion, and sexuality. In order t be united we need people to break perhaps the most vicious cycle of them all the parent to child cycle. Although we love are parents and are taught to listen to them because they are "wiser" we need to realize not all of their beliefs are correct and we should form our own based on nothing but independent morals. For example if a child's parent is a republican then they are more likely to be a republican. why? because that's what they've been taught, children should be given all facts and deicide for themselves. Even if the child still choose to be a republican than they should be taught to respect the opinions of opposing parties.

                 Society might say that this is a worthless or lost cause because not everybody is going to be a good person and we will always have bad people in the world. I tell society yes there will always be bad people in the world however there should be far more good people in this world to out weigh the number of bad people. It all starts with morals if we are taught good morals and use them to even the simplest tasks such as returning a twenty dollar bill to a man, who might need it for medicine or food, then the scale might be tipped back into the good people of the worlds favor. If we start these morals now then they will be passed down for generations to come and keep the balance of the world good for quit some time.

               So I urge you to think for yourself while your young and if your old don't be afraid to change an opinion. Help break this bad ridden cycle and teach your kids good morals and let them think for themselves. Ask you self what kind of person am I? Which side of this scale am I helping out? the answer to this question can be answered with one simple scenario. Your walking down the street and see a twenty dollar bill laying contently on the ground, You then discover a man franticly searching for something and of course it clicks to you that he is looking for the money what do you do?   


Letter of recommendation

         When I was asked to write this letter of recommendation for Marcos I was ecstatic. I have so much to say about his work ethic, personality, and skill set. I am pleased that he is moving forward with his life and applying to work at Starbucks.

        Marcos is an excellent candidate for this position because I have seen Marcos work extremely hard not only in the classroom but also at his many hobbies. He makes sure to get a task done efficiently and effectively with no complaints. Not only is he good in the classroom but also at handling commitments at once, For example I've seen Marcos go to dance practice and learn the routine like the back of his hand the go to theatre practice and learn his lines like it was his second language.

         He is also a people person who loves to not only talk but be around people. He is kind. patient and will make sure to help you understand a topic efficiently and effectively. I have seen him first hand help students understand concepts that where a little difficult they now understand it so well there grades reflect it. Marcos is talented and loving he is going to go places and do great things with that said I do believe he could something great for the Starbucks franchise.

          I look forward to seeing Marcos succeed and thrive in the real world like I know he will. I hope that he is chosen for this position because of his all around amazing skills and personality. I know he will do great things for your franchise and also himself at the same time.    


              Shelby Valencia


              1927 Thunder Road



                  To gain experience in the job world to also gain skills working with national food chains.


                  Completed elementary- May 30th 2011

                  Completed Middle School- May 30th 2014


                April 7th- June 9th: Mowing lawns

                      I mowed a total of twenty peoples lawns at least four times a month for three months. I mowed, pulled weeds, edged, and watered. To obtain these jobs I talked to the clients face to face at there homes and settled on an agreed price.


               -Good with people

               -Excellent time management skills

               -Extremely modivated


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