something about something

Figurative language poem

piclits poem

I the invisible man called a

number to talk to two white

men about the new bloody

black backpacks that come

with free blood


The sun is shining
The flowers look amazing
The day is so great.

The sky is so blue
It reminds me of water
It is so calming.

The engine roared loud
It went right through the mud pit
It was so muddy

Musical devices poem

I rode in Rhode Island

I biked on my bike

I hopped the old hag

I broke the bike

I bewailed the bike

Years and years late

The fat frame

Rotted and rusted

Free verse poem

The day was good

i got a new phone

when i got home

my phone fell

i picked it up

and saw that it was cracked

my good day was ruined just like that.

Rhyming poem

Day of school

My name is tim

i like gym

science is a joke

makes me wanna choke

science is so boring

when i'm in the class i'm always snoring

when i leave i'm so happy

but science class was so crappy.


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