Why YOU should fund ME!

Hello, Henry the Seventh! I am here because of one reason, and one reason only; to bring us riches! As you are the King, I understand that you have to make many important decisions. This is one of them! I propose to you that I will find resources that will make England, you, and I the richest things on the face of this earth. I will do this by venturing west. I know this is a very, very new idea, but I expect we will find bigger, better resources if we look to the west! The southwest wind is what causes the choppy, dangerous seas, so I will avoid this wind and sail beside it. This ensures a safe trip to the New World I expect to be on the other side of the world. I wish to establish a settlement on the new world, sweep the coast for the perfect place for a settlement, and establish one. I will then set up a fort and scour the land for anything of use, such as lumber, copper, silver, animals for new meats and fur, and most importantly, gold. I will befriend any natives and use them for scouting, resources, and to get us food. This means that they will allow us to use their land, and we will use it to mine, cut lumber, and hunt. I will then ship the valuables to England, where it will be sold by my company and you will get 30% of the profit. To fund this journey, I will need four average sized ships, 20 lbs. of copper to trade, 100 crates, 100 barrels, 100 men, 10 axes, 10 saws, 200 nails, 20 lbs. of coal, 10 hammers, and supply of food and water for 3 months. Invest in me, and everything you own will be (Almost) free!

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