How to Build a Planet

By Abby Wright

To make our planet we need a universe, to start making our planet we need -

A big bang - the expansion of space, ITS MASSIVE!

  • In this space is hydrogen, in its centre is 'pressure' and its Building!
  • After years and years of building it pops! creating a super nova which is a star.
  • This Star spewing out light and all the elements e.g. carbon, oxygen, iron, helium, lots of different types of gas, silver, gold and too many others to mention but lets just call it 'star dust' all make up our universe.

Over 50 million years this happened and our sun was born. Orbiting the sun is all the dust and gas in our galaxy. Worth notting in the universe there are half a trillion galaxies we are one of these galaxies called the 'Milky Way'. During this time a number of events needed to happen for our galaxy to form -

  • The elements orbiting the sun clash together to make bigger rocks as they grow bigger and bigger to make a planet.
  • Jupiter was the first planet to be formed and thats why its the biggest because while rolling around the sun it was sucking up star dust.
  • During the clashing and bashing many planets were being formed, changed and pushed into the sun.
  • Some of these clashes were so big as an example Venus still spins the other way and some of the planets flew out of the galaxy into the sun.

During this time Jupiter was on a collision corse to hit the sun, at some stage. The sun went bang and made everything move into an orbit around the sun including Jupiter. Now orbiting the sun and making up our galaxy is Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, An astroid belt, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and of corse ourEarth plus all the moons and star dust thats orbiting us and all planets.

Thats how you build a planet! All of these planets have something unique about them, different elements, from what we see and understandof our own planet. The Earth has a few elements that other planets don't, being water, air and gravity which allows us to live, grow and evolve into who we are today.


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