The Moon's Importance

Malory Moore: 8th hour

The Moon's Role

The Moon has many roles, including eclipses, tides, and the phases it has every month. The Moon has several phases, including the full Moon, 1st quarter, and new Moon. At the new Moon the tides are the most drastic. With the highest high tide, and lowest low tide. The Moon causes many things to happen, and its light is only one of them.

The Moon's Phases

The Moon has 4 main phases, which are caused by the amount of sun hitting it. When the Earth rotates the Moon revolves around it at the same rate as it rotates. This is why we only see the face of the Moon and never what they call, the Dark side of the Moon. But the Dark side of the Moon isn't always that way, for instance when the moon revolves and comes in between the Earth and the sun, the sun's light only hits the Dark side of the Moon, causing a New Moon. The Moon's light is only a reflection so when the Moon isn't facing the sun, it has no light to reflect. These phases aren't only pretty to look at, but they have an enormous effect on the tides.

The Moon's Effect On Tides

The Moon and the sun together create tides, and when the Earth, sun, and Moon are aligned to make a new moon, the tides are the strongest and most drastic. It's the Moon and sun's gravity that pulls the water towards it. But, when its 1st or 3rd quarter of the Moon phase, the Earth, sun, and Moon make a 90° angle. Because there's an almost equal pull of gravity the tides are the least drastic.

The Moon's Eclipses

Sometimes, very rarely, a lunar or solar eclipse might occur. A Lunar eclipse happens during a Full Moon when the Earth is in between the Moon and sun. Blocking all sunlight for the Moon to reflect. Or, a Solar eclipse can happen when the Moon passes directly between the Earth and sun, causing what they call the Ring Of Fire.


What would happen if we didn't have the Moon? How would our lives change? Where would the tides go? Our lives would change drastically if we didn't have the Moon. The Moon makes the tides, it's light illuminates the ground at night, and it was because of the way that the Moon looks and changes that caused man to have the curiosity to learn of what it was. The Moon is so important and this website explains what it does for us.

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