Secret Service Project By Laura

                       My Dog Millie


During the week, I did something called,¨ Secret Service Project¨. Some of the things I did, were complemented my sister all day, practiced my pitching for my dad, watered my grandmother's plants, played with my cousins, greeted my mom at the door, played with my dog, and babysat my little cousin.

Complimenting my sister all day was very hard because she's a teenager, and doesn't want to be bothered by her little sister. She of course said thank you though. It was amazing we didn't fight that day

Something else I did was babysit my little 3year old cousin. Hes a boy, so he wanted to be Sheriff woody from the movie ¨Toy Story¨. He made me put on a cowboy hat and be Jessie. We ate ice cream and stayed up for hours. After his parents came home, they offered to pay, but I said no thank you, and left.

This impacted me, my sister, and my cousin, by the nice things I did for them. It made them feel good inside. I didn't want anything in return.

I had a lot of fun doing these things, but even though I did this for school, I should do them everyday. People should do nice things for family, friends, and even strangers because it's common courtesy. I will start doing more nice things to help people. Will you?


        Watering My Grandmother's Plants

                        My Dear Sister