By: Julissa


By Julissa lee


Let’s pretend you are on a tropical island stranded. And you are amazingly hungry. So you would eat anything. What would you eat? Would you eat fruit from the trees, or would you spend the time fishing for the greatest piece of fish? Most people would go for a simple piece of fruit.


There are many things to know about fruit .This tack provides information about fruit and how they grow how , how they process and there are many types of fruit.


Fruit has a growing process and some fruits grow on trees or in the ground, Fruit has a cleaning process so they can clean the bacteria and to make them shiny clean, Fruit is good for your health by it helps you grow taller and some have vitamins in them, And there are many types of fruits like Paloma grants that are stain-able and there are co-co nuts that are super hard and etc.


Fruit is probably one of the best things for you. They have a growing process, a process to clean them. And it is good for your health. Plus there are many different and wonderful types.


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