Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is an American author who was born on March,20 1954. He lives in Austin Texas with his wife Carla, his daughter Sherre and their dogs Watson and Tippy.

Cartoon of Louis Sachar

Louis enjoys writing books that he thinks are funny and some are based on his life such as the Wayside Series.

Louis Wayside Series

Louis was a recess teacher at Hillside Elementary School.

Louis and his dog Tippy.

Louis likes to play bridge,walk his two dogs, and ski. He participates in bridge tournaments all around the world.

Louis Sachar Quotes

This link takes you to Louis's Website and biography.

I read his  Book There's A Boy in the Girls Bathroom. It's about a boy named Bradley Chalkers who is always getting into trouble. But his school gets a new councilor Carla Davis who helps him straiten up.

There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom

Here's a list of Louis's books.

One of Louis's most famous books is Holes which he wrote . He prewrote the book 5 times.


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