6mEH1.1 the decision making

You arrive early one morning on campus to see someone getting bullied by a few older students.

Step 1state the situation. Some one
getting bullied by a older kids.

Step 2 list the options. You could go over their and shove the bully.You could say stop to the bully's.You could call a teacher.

Step 3 weigh the possible outcome. If you push the bully's you might get in trouble.If you call a teacher your not going to get in trouble.If you say stop the bully might come after you.

Step 4 consider values. You might offer the bully's money to stop the them From bulling the kid.

Step 5 make a decision and act it. I would call a teacher.

Step 6 evaluate the decision.So I don't get in trouble and the kid the won't get hurt.

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